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Satisfy customers by caring for and protecting our puppies. In addition, we consolidate as one of the most important pet stores in Miami. Making many families acquire a puppy as a new member in their home.


For many years we have been known for having a very good reputation that has allowed us to help thousands of families find the ideal pet for their home. Above all, our commitment has been that our puppies fit perfectly in each home and complement the love of the whole family. On the other hand, our staff receives the best training. we have an excellent work team in the breeding field. Also in the market We guarantee pure breeds that fit the ideal customer.


  • First of all we have an excellent team that specializes in the care of our pets, since they frequently receive training in purebred dogs.
  • Secondly, the entire work team strives so that all our puppies are of quality, so that we continue to give the best of the cutest puppies forever and contribute to the happiness of our clients.
  • Third, our advisors give the special care that the puppy needs during the first months. In addition, All the advice we provide allows our clients to establish a bond with their puppies.


What motivates us is to see that thousands of customers are satisfied with having found their ideal pet. It also motivates us to see that we all work hard to contribute to the happiness of our clients. For these reasons we work with love and responsibility.

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main objectives

  • A puppy of cutest puppies forever is up to date with veterinary attention and the first vaccinations so that clients receive it as healthy as possible.
  • Regarding the diet we use food of the highest quality.
  • A medical checkup is done daily to check their health, which includes their weight and temperature.
  • We help their development to be healthy, allowing them to exercise and relate to others and receive human affection.

Your benefits

  • Cutest puppies forever presents you with different breed classes and we advise you to get the ideal puppy and to suit your needs.
  • When acquiring our puppies you will receive certified documentation.
  • cutestpuppiesforever gives all our clients the congenital and hereditary guarantee that they purchase a pure breed.
  • It is also our commitment to continue with constant communication with our clients to give them guidance with any difficulties that may arise.

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"In our pet store love is expressed with four legs"